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1998 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR SuperSport
What defines a true Supercar nowadays? Exotic
Looks, Power, Exclusivity. When Mercedes-AMG set out to succeed in the FIA GT1 class in 1997, they were required to build a road version of their race-car. This led to the creation of one of the most iconic Supercars, often referred to as the ‘Unicorn’.

Mercedes-AMG’s Motorsport specialist HWA, named after AMG Co-Founder Hans Werner Aufrecht, built the race-car made only slight changes to the road version. A few of the adjustments included; a fixed rear wing, increased ground clearance and an interior equipped with airbags, electronics and an A/C system.

RENNtech has further developed functional upgrades to the CLK GTR, including a Hydraulic Ride Height Adjustment -kit and Battery Kill-Switch for ease of use and daily enjoyment.

Mercedes AMG/HWA M297
7.3 Liter V12 N/A
655 HP / 580 LB FT TQ


Adjustable Ride Height System

Exhaust Modification
Clutch Pedal Switch Upgrade



0 - 60 mph : 3.4 sec
1/4 Mile Run: 9.6 sec @ 145 MPH
Top Speed: 199 MPH

Hammer DYNO

RENNtech Adjustable Ride Height System

Raise or lower the CLK GTR for street driving or transport.


Our Adjustable Ride Height System integrates to the CLK GTR's original hydraulic suspension system and can be controlled from the cabin.


Please contact us to about this system for your CLK GTR.

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