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The Resto-Mod program is an evolution of 30 years of Mercedes-Benz and AMG performance development, re-envisioning iconic Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the past by infusing the vintage aesthetic with the latest in technology and performance.


We specialize in combining modern Mercedes-Benz AMG engines with earlier chassis. Each engine is further tuned and modified for maximum output, and each chassis improved with modern components.


Limitless bespoke configuration options with unique specifications to exterior colors and materials, creating the vehicle of your dreams.


All new interior components with modern day safety and performance features. Fully redesigned interiors and updated electronics create a elevated driving experience.


1961 Mercedes-Benz SL190

Mercedes-Bent" is the brainchild of owner Richard Mott, and powered by RENNtech modified Twin-Turbo V12. What began as two distinct vehicles and a vision has become a on-of-a-kind masterpiece. 


RENNtech RT30

Based off AMG SLS family 2011 -14 (C/R 197)

Exterior styling inspired by the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR and 300 SL Gullwing, with chassis and powertrain derived from SLS AMG for optimal driving dynamics and exterior proportions.

Powered by 635 HP RENNtech tuned 6.3L (M156) V8 with 7-speed AMG DCT transmission.


RENNtech 560 SL/C

1972 - 89 560 SLC and SL (R/C 107)

Completely resurfaced and widened exterior, featuring composites and handcrafted exterior body panels.

Powered by a 602 HP 5.5L Supercharged V8 (M113).

Performance, handling and safety upgrades and bespoke exterior color and interior finishes. 


Fully designed interior featuring Recaro seats, updated electronics, dual climate control, navigation and more.


RENNtech Red-Pig 6.9

1968 - 72 300 SEL (W109)

Exterior modifications that precisely replicate the original Red Pig. Powered by a RENNtech built 6.9 liter V8 (M100) engine with performance upgrades including intake manifold, exhaust, suspension and brakes.

Outfitted for Racing and/or Street by customer request.


EV Powertrain

Enter the Electrified Era of Power

RENNtech Classics offers EV power systems for the entire range of Classic vehicles. Fully integrated, high performance EV powertrain options with a variety of optimized performance and range capabilities.

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