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Services for customers and collectors for all stages of collecting, maintaining, and enjoying classic vehicles. 

Certificates of Authenticity


RENNtech Classics issues Certificates of Authenticity for vehicles built by RENNtech.

Each car is reviewed in detail for original parts and modifications, and cross referenced to our build sheets and customer records. RENNtech CoA is the only official document available to certify that the vehicle adheres to the specifications it had at the time it left the RENNtech. 


Vehicles must be present at RENNtech Head Quarters in Stuart, FL for certification inspection.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment for certification.

Certification & Import of Collectible Vehicles


If you are considering the import of an exotic vehicle to the United States, RENNtech Classics can assist in the locating, importing, and registering exotic and collectible vehicles. We have experience in the import of unique European sports cars and take care of all the necessary documentation for registering vehicles under Show and Display the 25 -year rule.

For vehicles less than 25 years old not originally manufactured to comply with all applicable FMVSS, and/or have not been certified by its original manufacturer, RENNtech can file a petition as the registered importer.

Pre-Purchase Inspection


RENNtech Pre-Purchase Inspection -service specializes in Pre-Merger AMG and early RENNtech built vehicles. These vehicles fall into a time period spanning from ca. 1967 to 1993, originally built for the European, North American and Japanese markets. Through our first-hand knowledge of AMG engineering, parts development and fabrication, we offer the most trusted pre-purchase and authentication service in the United States.

A RENNtech pre-purchase inspection offers layer of transparency when selling or buying classic, or a future classic. 

The PPI is conducted at our shop in Stuart, FL. Please contact us for additional details and to schedule an appointment for certification.

Contact Us

 RENNtech Classics is located in the RENNtech Head Quarters in Stuart, Fl.


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment. 

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