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RENNtech Custom Builds are the ultimate in automotive expression, created with a single purpose - to create something truly unique. Our Resto-Mod's are built around individual dreams, combining the iconic designs with modern day technology. RENNtech Specialty Builds are modern vehicles re-designed and built for improved functions and or show and display purposes. 


Utilizing CAD, 3-D scanning and printing, RENNtech's Design department is able to create and execute designs based on customer's wishes built around RENNtech's Performance first -engineering.



Combining modern power with vintage chassis requires careful planning and execution. We have experience in matching modern Mercedes-Benz powertrains to early chassis models, along with new engine electronics, transmissions.



RENNtech build award winning one-of-a-kind vehicles for Show and Exhibitions. Incorporating function and product development, we can build your next show or specialty vehicle at our shop in Stuart, FL.


One of a Kind
Mercedes-Benz Dreams Realized

Custom Design and Powertrains

RENNtech Classics re-envisions iconic Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the past by infusing a vintage aesthetic with the latest in technology and perfomance.


Specialty & Show Vehicles
Vehicles Built for Purpose

Concept, Support, Tactical

Complete developments for Corporate Promotional vehicles, RENNtech has built SEMA Show winning vehicles by incorporating specialty functions to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, vans, and trucks. For more about Specialty Build Projects, please contact us. 

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