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300E 6.0 AMG "Silver Hammer"

This silver Hammer was originally built for Hans Werner Aufrecht, founder of AMG. The car functioned as AMG's official media car, participating in magazine road tests, and events resulting in several feature magazine covers between 1986 - 87. The development of the AMG 4-valve Hammer engines started around 1982, with 5.0 -liter M117 Mercedes-Benz -engine which was further bored and stroked, first to 5.2 and later to a 5.4 -liter displacement. Once Mercedes-Benz introduced the 5.6 -liter M117, AMG was able to create a 6.0 -liter M117 -engine combined with the AMG 4-valeve cylinder heads which giving the W124 E -class the power needed to reach 300 km/h top speed - and earning the the nickname "Hammer". Working with the original drawings, personal knowledge of this Hammer, and experience from past builds RENNtech was able to restore and repower the car back to original AMG specification. During the restoration the RENNtech team documented all parts and verfied the vehicle originality through AMG records. Once finsihed the engine produced 385 HP and 420 LB Ft of torque, exactly as it did when it broke the 300 km/h speed record 37 years ago.


 Re-Power of Mercedes AMG M117 

6.0 Liter V8 32 Valve

385 HP / 420LB FT TQ



Re-painted in original Astral Silver

Interior Restored



New Suspension

Upgraded Brakes

Auto Motor Sport 1987 Hammer Cover Crop.jpg

AMG E300 6.0 "Hammer"

Auto Motor und Sport, January 1987

In 1987 AMG changed all notions of what Super Cars are, by braking the magical 300 km/h top speed in a 4 door Mercedes E 300 6.0 AMG. 

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