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RENNtech and pre-merger AMG vehicles that we have built, restored, or serviced for our customers at our headquarters in Stuart, FL.

RENNtech S76R 600 SEL

S76R 7.6 -liter V12
The Ruler of W140 S Class

M120 | 610 HP | 653 LB-FT

Re-imagined for 2022, the RENNtech S76R was built to the highest spec around the RENNtech built M120 V12 engines and further developed utilizing modern technology.


Mercedes-Benz 300 E 6.0 AMG
The Hammer that Broke the Mold.

M117 | 385 HP | 4002 LB-FT

A frame up restoration by RENNtech of the legendary Hammer was completed in 2020. The 300E 6.0 was an integral part of Hartmut Feyhl's career at AMG in Affalterbach AMG North America. We continue to build and re-power these incredible machines with the same precision that made the world take notice over four decades ago.


Mercedes-Benz 300 E 6.0 AMG
The American Hammer
M117 | 6.0 32 Valve | 385 HP 

Starting in 1986/87 the AMG E300 6.0 Hammer became available for the U.S. market. These North American Hammers were based on either the E400 or E300, and upgraded with engines, AMG Aero body kits, suspension, exhaust, outside Chicago, at AMG Central in Westmont, Ill.


RENNtech 400 E 6.0
Super Sleeper Sedan
M119 | 6.0  | 385 HP 

Mercedes-Benz 400E powered by a RENNtech built 6.0 liter M119. Among the first W124 E-calss vehicles built by RENNtech in 1992 .


RENNtech E60 Wagon
Widebody Wagon

M113 | 6.0  | 402 HP 

One-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz S210 build featuring a 6.0 liter M113 V8, custom bodywork, and handling upgrades.


RENNtech SL 74
One-Of-A-Kind Widebody R129

M120 | 7.4 | Twin Turbo

Carbon Fiber widened wheel wells and hood designed by RENNtech, creates a unmistakable and powerful look for the R129 SL 74.


RENNtech 500 SL Twin Turbo
Forced Induction for a Classic

M119 | 6.0 | Twin Turbo

Custom power development for 1993 Mercedes-Benz 500 SL with RENNtech 6.0 liter twin turbo charged power conversion.

560 SEC AMG 6.0

Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC 6.0 AMG
The Widebody Coupe

Possibly the most sought after pre-merger AMG

This Japanese market SEC 560 6.0 AMG Widebody received a full frame up restoration. The 32 -valve M117, to drivetrain, exterior, and interior were brought back to as new, making this black beauty a true head-turner.


Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC 5.0 AMG SGS
No. 55/57 "Gullwing" by Styling Garage

Powered by AMG M117 5.0 32 Valve

This exclusive conversion stands out as one of the best examples of SGS built Mercedes-Benz SEC Gullwings in original condition with one owner since new.


New Projects in the Works for 2024

230 GE w/ 5.5 liter AMG Swap

The Steyr Puch GE 230 started as a Austrian military vehicle, and was powered by M 102 in line, four-cylinder petrol engine, 2.3 liter engine producing 125 hp. Swapping in a 5.5 liter M113 from the AMG 55 gives the G-Wagen truck the power to navigate terrain and run at highway speeds without a problem.

Stay Tuned - Coming Soon
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